More about the system

Aerify CHARGE machine & pants + backpack.

Product info:

  • Weight - 0.6 KG (1 sleeve)

  • Size – 36 x 11 x 16 cm

  • Power Consumption – 5W

  • Charger output: DC 5V

  • Charging time: 4 Hrs

  • Pressure range: 120-240 mmHg

  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh

  • Working time: with heat - up to 1 hr, without heat up to 3 hrs

  • 2 years of warranty!

How to use the Aerify FLY calf sleeves?

  • Use it with or without any clothing. Put the Aerify FLY sleeves on your calves, make sure to fit them well and close the velcro, press and hold the On/Off button. Compression and heat is on by default. Press the M button to toggle between 3 different compression modes - sequence, circular and whole. Press the Compression level button to toggle between 3 different levels of compression - min (120 mmHg), med (180 mmHg), max (240 mmHg). Press the Temperature button to toggle between 3 different levels of heat: +45C, +50C or +55C, or turn off the heat completely if the heating mode is not necessary or it becomes too warm for you. Press the On/Off button to pause the compression or turn it off. Pressure power, time and heat level.