kBox #newgeneration

The kBox uses flywheel technology which offers variable resistance, decreasing the need to shift weights and allowing the patient to determine the force output . This results in an effective workout that is also safe and has a lower risk of injury. The variable resistance applied produces a variable lever offering a smooth resistance throughout the exercise which strengthens the muscle over the whole range of motion (ROM). ROM is also easily adjusted if you want to limit the depth of the movement e.g. in a squat. This is useful if you want to prevent your patient working beyond certain angles, a common requirement during various rehabilitation pathways.

More about the system

kBox Pro systems include the top-notch kBox model, ideal for sports teams, premium fitness clubs and physiotherapy clinics. It is set apart by its market leading maximum inertia, built-in kMeter feedback system and larger surface area.

The kBox Pro Platform is made in Sweden from powder-coated aluminium, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminium, and high-friction rubber. It is available in two standard color variations (Carbon Black and Midnight Blue) as well as a Custom Design option. The kBox Pro can simultaneously hold up to four-six Flywheels of any size, meaning that its inertia capacity goes up to 0.420 kgm².

System includes:

  • kBox Pro with Pre-attached Drive Belt & Pre-attached Large Pulley Block.

  • Angle Adjuster

  • kMeter feedback system

Accessory Kit includes:

  • Harness (optional - S, M, L, XL)

  • kGrips, kBar, Ankle Cuffs

  • Foot Block

  • Flywheel Bag

  • Flywheel S, M, L