REAX CHAIN is based on kinetic chain and on generation of unpredictable impulses that make each repetition of any type of exercise different and more effective. It is a special heavy rope with rings that allows you to perform countless dynamically unstable exercises, for high intensity neuromuscular and functional training. The flexibility of the weight allows continuous stimulation during workout so it generates a higher body response, enhancing any training: the result is greater metabolic consumption and more complete muscle activation generated by the continuous unpredictable movement of the dynamic load during the exercise.


FLUIWAVE and FLEXWAVE – the dynamic weights. The peculiar structure of these equipment produces a higher physical and mental response during any kind of training or exercise, even the easiest and most intuitive one. The result is a more efficient and reactive body, both neurologically and physically, thanks to a simultaneous and constant muscular, cerebral, and sensorial stimulation.

REAX KETTLE is a special soft kettlebell, the only one that allows to work with an unstable variable load because it incorporates a liquid mass with small steel spheres that move with you at every exercise. The variable quantity of fluid determines its weight. Its movement instead, produces unpredictable stimuli that represent its extraordinary technical innovation. Flui weigths technology makes it more effective than any other kettlebell because it stimulates a greater neuromuscular response and therefore a higher calorie consumption. The unpredictable movement of the fluid transforms each training into a high intensity activity: versatile and easy to use, it allows to modulate and customize all training programs.

REAX FLUI is more performing, thanks to the movement of the liquid that transforms each exercise into a real neuromuscular training, simple but definitely more effective from a metabolic point of view. The continuous displacement of the liquid mass produces interferences that make each repetition of each exercise different so it requires continuous and unpredictable adaptations. Zero boredom, zero habit: Your body responds more efficiently to training as it is stimulated in a different and unpredictable way. The result is a more effective workout at any intensity, also useful for faster functional weight loss because it allows to burn up to 500 kcal per session.

REAX PUMP is composed of three elements that can also be used separately: a bar and two balls which are not simple weights but elastic balls with a variable quantity of internal fluid which determines their weight. The unpredictability of the liquid contained in the two loads transforms any exercise into intense neuromuscular activity. The intensity of a single exercise is given not only by the weight of the barbell but also by the degree of instability of the liquid inside: the more it moves, generating more stimuli, the more effective the exercise will be in terms of calories burned and muscle activation. Versatile and easy to use, it fits into various training programs ranging from cardio training to toning up and crossfit, increasing its effectiveness.